Terms & Conditions

1. No Refunds:

  • Class credits (used or unused) are non-refundable. They are, however, transferrable to a family member or friend. If you wish to transfer unused class credits to another student, please call our office.  Class credits expire 1 year from the purchase date.

2. 24-hour Class Cancellation Policy:

  • When you register for a class, 1 credit is deducted from your account.
  • If you cancel the class at least 24 hours prior to the class start-time—the credit will be returned to your account. 
  • You cannot withdraw from a class within 24 hours of the class start-time. The credit used to register for that class will not be returned to your account. There are no exceptions to this policy.
  • If you forget you were registered for a class and miss it, you will not receive the class credit back for that missed class.
  • If we (Cho Educators) cancel a class for any reason, students registered for that class will receive their class credit back to their student account.

3. Class Registration:

  • You must register for a class before attending. If you do not register and arrive at the office, you will be turned away if there is not an open seat.
  • We recommend you register for each class you plan to attend as early as possible because classes do fill.
  • You should periodically log into your account to keep track of which classes you are registered for.

4. Late Arrivals and Leaving Early:

  • If you know you will be late or will need to leave class early, please notify us as soon as possible via phone or text—you will still be charged for the entire class (1 class credit).
  • If you arrive late to class, you are not guaranteed a seat. But if you are turned away, the class credit used to register for that class will be returned to your account.

5. No Score Guarantee:

  • Every student is different and results can vary greatly. There is no score guarantee.

6. Class Materials:

  • Students much purchase their own textbook before attending their first class and bring it with them to every class following.
  • Chris Cho’s Learning to Speak SAT is a strongly recommended study guide for students attending our SAT classes.
  • Students must also bring a notebook, pencil, and calculator.

7. Changes:

  • ChoEducators may make changes to the classes, program structure, policies, calendar, and/or pricing at any time without notice.