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  • Online Zoom Classes w/ CHO!

    Hello to our amazing students and the families of our amazing students!

    Cho classes are going online (at least for the time being), and there is reason to be excited!

    Let’s get right to what’s happening.

    1. Classes will be conducted via the online platform Zoom.

    2. Just about EVERYTHING is staying the same. Classes will still be amazing! You will

    still use our website to register. Our students will continue marching toward success.

    3. Online classes will begin on Sunday, 3/22 and will continue for as long as needed.

    4. The best way to have any questions answered is by texting us at 732-444-8204.



  • Who Is Cho?

    Acknowledging the brashness of the statement, Cho considers himself to be an unparalleled authority within the test preparation industry. He writes, teaches and adapts his own curriculum. Bigger companies cannot make this claim. He has taught live students for almost two decades. Smaller companies cannot make this claim. He does not teach as a side job. Most tutors cannot make this claim. Since March of 2015, he has sat live for 7 real ACTs and 6 real SATs. Can anyone else in the world of test prep make that claim?

  • Are students required to bring their own materials to class?

    YESstudents are required to bring a textbook, pencil, notebook and calculator to every class.

    Required SAT Textbook:  The Official SAT Study Guide  2020 Edition 

    Required ACT Textbook:  The Official ACT Prep Guide  2020 Edition

    Chris Cho’s study guides for each exam are strongly recommended. To get a copy, you may call the office at (908) 812-7312 to order and pick one up in person. Or you can order online and have one delivered to you:

    Learning to Speak SAT

    Learning to Speak ACT

  • Is there a specific calculator that is recommended?

    We recommend the TI-30x IIS.

  • Why is there no official beginning to my student’s preparation at Cho?

    Some students only need a small handful of sessions to begin to truly understand how to tap into their full potential. Other students need more than a year of work to make the strides that they are pushing to achieve. Accordingly, our design is to allow students to phase into our classroom at any time. This is easily achieved because Cho teaches every class with two primary directives in mind. The first is to establish or reinforce a mentality that ensures success on test day. The second is to cover new material published only from official resources straight from the SAT and ACT. Following these simple directives, Cho can seamlessly integrate new students into his classroom while simultaneously challenging the highest caliber student.

  • Why aren’t there classes every day?

    Very simply because Cho himself teaches every class. This fact ensures that each of our sessions will be taught at an incomparable level.

  • When do you offer practice tests?

    We don’t. Nothing can truly simulate the rigors of test day.  Having tested more than any other current test prep instructor, Cho can directly attest to this.  

    For most students, the focal point of a practice test ends up being the scores.  In contrast, our classes focus on refining the processes that lead to success on test day.  In class, we can give a student 7 minutes to complete an exercise. Compel them to articulate why and how the student got certain questions right. And then sift through questions that were missed and provide immediate feedback regarding how to avoid making those same mistakes on test day. This is the type of exercise that drives our live sessions.

    In addition, practice tests only test what you already know.  A practice test doesn’t teach you new information.  Our classes will not only use the students’ time wisely by teaching them new facts, patterns, and strategy, but they will also address the timing aspect of the exam for students who struggle with finishing sections of the test.

  • How much can a student expect to improve with Cho?

    As Cho states in the classroom regularly, the question isn’t whether his students will improve, but simply how long it takes for certain essential ideas to take hold. Any organization that offers up a numbers-based guarantee is doing so as a sales tactic. Come to one of our sessions. All students will leave empowered, informed and inspired.

  • How many classes do I need to take?

    There is no required minimum number of classes to take. On average, students take about 12 classes per exam and generally split that 12 between the 2 class types for their exam. For example, a good target for a student taking the SAT is 6 Math-X and 6 Verbal-X classes. If you are preparing for the ACT, a good target is 6 ACT-E/M and 6 ACT-R/S classes.  However, you can adjust based on your needs. For example, if a student is much stronger in Math, it makes sense for the student to take 4 Math-X and 8 Verbal-X.

    A student’s growing comfort level and his or her individual desire to sit through more live simulations will likely be the primary factors in regards to how many classes a student might choose to attend.

  • How can I be sure I’m not taking the same class twice?

    All of our classes are designed to be repeated and taken in any order. Each class reinforces strategies while covering different exercises and content each time. For example, you could take 3 Math-X classes in one week and it would still be a different class each time and a great way to get more practice.

  • Is there any homework?

    Students are encouraged to study all notes taken during class and any handouts received in class. It is imperative for students to commit what they’ve learned in class to memory. For students looking for extra practice outside the classroom, we strongly recommend picking up a copy of Chris Cho’s study guide for the SAT and/or the ACT. Students with a copy of the study guide are encouraged to start with memorizing the mantras for each section of the exam, then move on to the things you “must”, “try”, and “choose” to memorize.  In addition to the LTSS and LTSA study guides, students can also practice outside of the classroom using Cho’s daily Twitter questions found by following his account chrisXcho.

  • Do I need to register for each class I want to attend?

    YES. Every student must register for classes using their Student Homepage.  We encourage students to register for classes as early as possible. Classes begin to fill as we draw nearer to exam dates.

  • Am I allowed to cancel a class registration?

    YES.  But you cannot remove yourself from a class roster within 24 hours of the start time of that class.  To remove yourself from a class (it must be at least 24 hours ahead of time), log into your Student Homepage and click the red [X] beside the class you’d like to cancel. If you do cancel a class at least 24 hours ahead of time, the class credit is returned to your account and you can then register for a different open class.

  • How much do classes cost?

    Each 2-hour class is $100 – meaning every 1 class credit you purchase will cover 1 class.

  • What is LTSS and how do I get it?

    Learning to Speak SAT (LTSS) is a study guide written by Chris Cho himself. The study guide is strongly recommended for all students preparing to take the SAT. Whether you are just beginning your SAT journey or are preparing for your 3rd SAT, LTSS will guide you through every fact, pattern, and strategy worth knowing about the SAT. Students actively taking our classes will see LTSS seamlessly incorporated into the class content. Alternatively, students who are not able to attend live classes will find even equally great value in this study guide!

    To pick up a copy in our office, text 732-444-8204.

    To have a copy delivered to you, you can order online via Lulu.

  • What is LTSA and how do I get it?

    Learning to Speak ACT (LTSA) is a study guide written by Chris Cho himself that dissects all sections of the ACT. The study guide is strongly recommended for all students preparing to take the ACT.  LTSA is designed to guide students through every fact, pattern, and strategy worth knowing about the ACT.  Students actively taking our classes will see LTSA seamlessly incorporated into the class content.  Alternatively, students who are not able to attend live classes will find even equally great value in this study guide!

    To pick up a copy in our office, text 732-444-8204.

    To have a copy delivered to you, you can order online via Lulu.