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Leave luck
to those who need it.

Why Cho?

We're Flexible

You have school teams, travel teams, secret travel teams, charities to help, a job, and oh yeah, homework. We know how hectic life is, so we're here to make it easier for you. With classes 7 days a week, you can prep at a time that’s convenient for you.

We're All Full-Time

Teachers at the other companies are often only required to work 5 hours a week. So what is their real passion? All of our instructors have chosen careers solely dedicated to helping our students. They all work full-time and take the exams every year, so our students get the best quality instruction.

Our 100% Success Rate

No gimmicks, seriously. Every one of our students improves. The only question is how much time may be required to help students achieve their full potential. If a given test does not go as planned, we craft a new, individualized plan, which can include complimentary sessions. With us, you get the personalized attention you need to beat the exam.

No Commitment Required

No contracts, no fine print, no blood oaths, no minimum number of classes. You can purchase 1 class at our standard rate of $80, or choose to pay for 10 to receive our maximum discount of 15%. We know you'll love your first class, so there is no pressure.

Best SAT teacher ever!!

Rono Yick Holmdel HS