To help students understand just how much control each of them truly has when it comes to beating the SAT and the ACT. Crushing these exams isn’t about raw intelligence. It is about cultivating an awareness of just how these tests are really crafted. In the Cho universe, everyone wins. We’re happy when our students are happy, which in turn, makes their parents happy. Like we said, everyone wins.

 Chris Cho spoke at a TEDx event about the SAT’s Real Mission. Check it out below!

Our Philosophy

Test preparation does not need to be painful. Cho understands just how demanding the life of the typical high school student currently is. Between high school teams, travel teams, secret underground travel teams, clubs, jobs and maybe even some homework, it all can seem so overwhelming. We actively seek to not exacerbate what can already be a challenging daily routine by creating a dynamic classroom environment that will leave our students feeling both informed and mildly entertained. After every two-hour session, our students feel less stressed and often even oddly excited to keep coming back.

Why Cho?

  • Innovative approach

    We help students cultivate the skills that students who “test well” naturally possess.

  • Chris Cho is Full-Time

    Chris Cho works full-time preparing students for the ACT and SAT. (Teachers at other companies are often only required to work five hours per week.) Test preparation is his sole focus, which is why our students are so well-prepared.

  • Successful Students

    Every one of our students improves. The only question is how much time may be required to help a student achieve their full potential.

  • Live Classes

    There is no substitute for a classroom with a dedicated teacher who provides individual attention to each and every student, which is why we don’t offer pre-recorded or live test-preparation sessions online.