Mission Statement

There is no singular mold that every student should fit. So we strive to craft a program for each of our students that takes into consideration a wide array of concerns. We tailor plans that meet the skills of our students, the scheduling needs of our students and the budgetary needs of our families.

We do not make the claim that preparing for standardized tests like the SAT and ACT is easy. We simply make the very firm assertion that tests like the SAT and ACT, like so many other things in life, can be trained for.

About Our Company

Cho Educators was incorporated in 2004. Since our inception, the goal has been very simple: help students make the standardized test process as direct and as painless as possible. Each member of our team takes pride in the fact that we have the opportunity to positively affect the lives of students, many of whom initially felt overwhelmed by exams like the SAT and ACT. From the very beginning, Cho Educators strove to break new ground within the test preparation industry. From solely hiring full-time instructors to creating new types of classes, we have crafted a unique experience for our students. And all of the families that we have the privilege of working with can be assured that our efforts to further refine and perfect what we do will surely continue.